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Ajay Kaul & Sadaf Shaikh Took a Intiative To Distribute Ration Kit To Media & Needy

Ramesh Rao Mumbai :- Ajay Kaul, Sadaf Sheikh, Prashant Kashid, Adv. Falguni Brahmabhatt initiates the drive to help the deprived sections of the society

The Mumbai-based NGO Ekata Manch and its President Ajay Kaul along with Prashant Kashid, Sadaf Shaikh, Advocate Falguni Brahmabhatt and its team members have been constantly helping the deprived sections and the needy people at all times.

Once again the social organization extended its helping had to the corona pandemic affected people. The lives of many have become miserable with the extended lockdown, curbs and above all the virus infection depriving livelihood in many sections of the society. The government assistance also fails to reach them.

Mirroring its blow across all sectors and lending a helping hand in assisting the humanitarian cause, social organisation ”Ekata Manch” distributed ration kits to various sections accordingly.

This time grocery kits were distributed to the poor and affected families, auto rikshaw drivers, media persons and others on the eve of Thursday, 19th August 2021 in the auditorium of Children Welfare Centre High School auditorium, Yari Road, Versova, Mumbai.