• Bollywood Ke Virus

Director and his Group of Artists Journey Film Industry, showing their personal life's journey too.

Bollywood Ke Virus :- CINEMAA ZINDABAD is an Indian, hindi language film with ensemble cast that shows struggles of a group of artists & a Film Director & their journey in Film Industry showing their personal life too, from their happy, lighter moments to their serious, sad, heart-touching experiences. This film has an important prominent character of an aspiring director played by Rajpal Yadav who tries hard to make & release his 1st Film & to get the recognition that he deserves as an independent Director. This film is Directed & Produced by talented Debutant Film maker AJAY KAILASH YADAV.

Director - Ajay Kailash Yadav with Rajpal Yadav

Ensemble Cast of the Film includes Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Bhatt, Pankaj Berry, Ranjeet Bedi, Maushmi Udeshi, Hemin Patel, Pinel Babu, Swapnil Jharbade, Wiam Dahmani, Amrita Dhanoa & Alpesh Vaghela.

L-R ;- Ajay Kailash Yadav, Mukesh Bhatt and Rajpal Yadav

People from different walk of lives come to Mumbai , with dreams of their own .some are able to turn them into reality , but most of them … don‘t. because ,dreams come with conditions –bigger the dream , deeper the suffering . And not everyone is ready to pay that price .Cinemaa Zindabad is about such a person Shyam Kapoor , who made his dream of making a Bollywood film , come and true . The battle of fought with circumstances, people and himself was not an easy one , it took lots of courage and love for this art.

There are also a few in the story , whose fate was decided by their negligence & greedOur story is a tale of two perceptions , which differs the achievers from the losers , the successful & the unsuccessful , the wilful doers from aspiring dreamers , people who come to Mumbai with lots of aspirations , but this city have its own way of testing you and soon make them realize that aspirations are not all what‘s needed to becomes successful here , it takes actions will and determination… determination like of Shyam Kapoor , who can go to any extent to make the first film of his life . And that’s something even more important for him than his life itself .

There is a very thin line between passion and madness, but the ones who created history , were called mad too.

The character of shyam Kapoor is played by the very talented Rajpal Yadav this character is the first of its kind portrayed by Rajpal Yadav , as it shows him in a completely different avatar and that’s going to be a delight for the audience to watch