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Kavya Jones takes a soulful leap of faith, and soars with Tu Hai Mera.

BKV- Legendary Leslee Lewis and his precocious singer Kavya Jones joined hands once again with Kavya Jones' singles Tu Hai Mera. The song video was shot at Monochrome Studios, Mumbai. Kavya, a true protege of Leslee Lewis rocked the day effortlessly transitioning from singing style to another, transversing a gamut of emotions.

Says Leslee Lewis. "I composed this song keeping Kavya Jones' personality in mind. She is immensely dedicated and that is a rarity today. In the last four years that she has assisted me, I understand her colours. This song is reflecting her true persona of scarlet and black. And adds to it diverse colours that are as vibrant as her. A bit of blue, green and yellow!"

Adds Kavya, "I love the song.i

It is hi energy yet melodious. It is funky yet so romantic. The woman in the song is a woman of today not afraid of express herself. I see myself in her. She demands yet she dreams, she is aggressive yet she pleads... This song is as crazy as me. I am blessed to have a Guru like Leslee Lewis who has taught me everything I know. I have been observing him for four years and learning -- sometimes I am just a fly on the wall quietly watching the goings-on. Even that is amazingly insightful. I am giving my best to the song to live up to at least one per cent of Leslee Sir's expectations. And I hope the audience loves it."

Tu Hai Mera, composed and produced by Leslee Lewis and set to vocals by Kavya Jones is expected to release on May 18.