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New drama in Dangal TV show Ranju Ki Betiyan, Guddu Mishra will marry Ranju again

BKV R. RAO MUMBAI :- The drama in Dangal TV's show Ranju Ki Betiyan is now going to be of high voltage. Actually now the twist is that Guddu Mishra will marry Ranju again. There is happiness and marriage in the house, but even in such a scene Lalita can do something, so Ranju has all kinds of dilemmas in her heart. Reena Kapoor, who is playing the role of Ranju, told that there is an atmosphere of marriage in our house. Ranju and Guddu are getting married again after 20 years, second marriage to say but from Ranju's point of view, this is the first marriage. Because despite being married for 20 years, she was never given the status of a wife. After twenty years Guddu Mishra's entry is happening in her life . At the same time, there is fear, there are mixed emotions. She suspects that Guddu Mishra may come in her life for a few days and then he will go back.

Ranju and Guddu Mishra's re-marriage is in full swing, now you have to watch Ranju ki Betiyan on Dangal TV to see if there is any drama in this marriage as well. This marriage is taking place due to the insistence of Amma ji because she believes that even when Ranju came as a daughter-in-law 20 years ago, she never had the feeling of a bride. Because her husband leaves her at the time of Grihpravesh . Amma ji has supported her daughter-in-law Ranju from the beginning and now that Guddu Mishra has realized his mistake and wants to come back to Ranju, Amma ji says that this is a new beginning so Ranju and Guddu Should get re married . And because of the insistence of Amma ji, we are doing this celebration.

Ranju's daughters are also very happy with this marriage, it is only Ranju who is still in a dilemma. It is the planning of grandmother and children that we will get Mama and Papa married again.

Daughters still address their father Guddu as Mishra ji because they never got father's love for years. They have always given the status of both mother and father to Ranju Maa. The girls are very angry with their father that when they needed their father the most, when they felt the absence of the father, the mother filled that gap. That's why girls put mother's name in front of their name like Shalu Ranju Mishra, Bulbul Ranju Mishra. They never attached the name of Gudud Mishra with their names.

Ayub Khan, who is playing the role of Guddu Mishra, said that there is often a problem in married life in young age, but the situation is quite different here. Actually today the girls are seeing that Guddu Mishra has a lot of remorse in his heart, he is thinking something or the other for every daughter. He is trying to give wings to the dreams of daughters, trying to make them stand on their feet. Now it will be interesting to see whether Guddu gets the status of father or only Mishra ji is called.

Deepshikha Nagpal, who is playing the role of Lalita, said that it is very different from the normal TV show. There is no kitchen politics in this. Each character's style is different. While Ranju follows her principles, Lalita has her own style. Ranju and Guddu are going to unite, but will Lalita allow them to unite, for this you have to watch the upcoming and interesting episodes of Ranju Ki Betiyan.

Adeeba is playing the role of Ranju's daughter Tia in this show. She said that we have shot an important scene related to the marriage of our mother and Mishra ji. Viewers will know if they watch the serial.

Aarushi Sharma, who is playing the role of Muskaan, said that during one of the best scenes, I am preparing a beautiful card which is the wedding card of Guddu Mishra and my mother. My sister Tia spoils the card I made while playing football and I scold her hard. On this, Mishra ji explains to us and we say sorry to each other and hug. This is a very emotional scene. Whether we accept Mishra ji as a father or not, you have to watch the serial Ranju Ki Betiyan on Dangal TV because there is going to be a lot of twist, turn and drama ahead.

In the show Ranju Ki Betiyan, Ayub Khan Guddu Mishra, Deepshikha Nagpal Lalita, Reena Kapoor Ranju, Bulbul Rupal Tyagi, Monika Chauhan Shalu, Naveen Pandita Vishesh, Urmila Sharma Nirmala, Jaishankar Tripathi Bachchu Pandey, Anushka Srivastava Roshni and Pankaj Mishra are playing the roles. The show can be watched from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on Dangal TV.