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Niraj Tiwari opens up on his upcoming film Mooh Mitha Karao & future endeavors of Aagaaz Entertaint.

R.Rao :- Niraj Tiwari who had started his career as a film distributor with the Rishi Kapoor starrer Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi and followed it up with films like Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is now into producing movies, music and short films under the banner of Aagaaz Entertainment. Aagaaz Entertainment has produced quite a few music videos and short film as well as feature film.

One of them is Producer Niraj Tiwari's upcoming feature film titled Mooh Mitha Karao which is family drama and romantic comedy. It features Taaha Shah and Shruti Sharma in lead roles and is directed by Jasmine Kaur. The first schedule of the film is completed in Mumbai and next schedule is set in Varanasi.

Talking about backing the project he tells,"I met jasmine through my co-producer. I have seen her hardwork, enthusiasm n commitment towards work. When she narrated me story about this enthralling family's ties and value.I had a feeling that in today's time as we are moving towards more and more progress and work commitments, we tend to forget our roots 'Our family and rituals'. This movie is so well directed that audience will be entertained fully and will get a feel of their bond with family. I always believe to make good movie with right content."

Sharing about film he reveals, "Mooh mitha is a family drama full of energy ,happiness and fun loving. As a producer I believe that selecting the right content and the team is decisive. But I have starve for good work to present for audience so I'm working continuously for that. Aagaaz Entertainment ventures will always render you with best entertainment with the positivity."

Speaking about getting Taaha Shah on board he states,"I know Taaha since two years. I have seen his work and way of giving justice to his characters. In this movie also he has kept his traits. Shruti too is very decent and to give life to her character she learned Kathak and everything comes out so well."

Niraj ensures of giving good content under his banner and renders a platform for many new comers with lots of exciting projects. He says,"Aagaaz Entertainment is continuously working on good work. We are listening narrations. Working on scripts and our star cast. Aagaaz Entertainment has previously done many music videos with new star cast as well. And will continue it for movies and short films too. We have always worked for our audience and will always bring good content for them."

Niraj is currently busy collaborating with many talented actors from the industry as well new comers for his plethora of upcoming work. Talking about future projects he shares,"We have completed 4 short film and 2 feature film and 4 upcoming film this year."