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Pratapgad saga of valour in 'Sher Shivraj'The first Teaser & poster to reach the audience.

R.Rao :- To this day, Shivcharitra scholars and historians have accurately described Shivcharitra in many different ways. They also have proudly sung the powadas of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Slaughtering of Afzal Khan is an important chapter in the history of Shivaji Maharaj’s period. We can say that then ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ was established in the true sense. Now this historic golden chapter is getting ready to hit the silver screen on 22nd April all over.

At that time, in the Darbar of Bijapur, Afzal Khan had said 'I will bring Shivaji ... Alive or dead! ', Afzal Khan had vowed to bring Shivaji alive or dead. Writer, director, producer Digpal Lanjekar, along with producers Nittin Keni, Pradyot Prashant Pendharkar, Anil Narayanrao Varkhade and Chinmay Mandlekar, has set out to bring the thrilling experience of Afzal Khan’s assassination to the silver screen with Marathi film 'Sher Shivraj'. Currently, the work of 'Sher Shivraj' is in the final stage and this movie will be releasing on 22nd April.

Under the concept of ‘Shivrajashtak’, Digpal Lanjekar had successfully directed 'Farzand', 'Fatteshikast' and recently released 'Pawankhind’. In Sher Shivraj, Digpal shows how Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan at Pratapgad fort. Pratapgad and Afzal Khan have a very close relationship. With the intention of defeating the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Khan reached the base of the fort with a large army, well prepared, but could not retreat. His grave was dug there. Because Khan had no idea of Shivaji Maharaj's war strategy, ingenuity, guerrilla tactics and diplomacy. These wonderful qualities and unique fighting skills of Shivaji Maharaj will be seen in the movie 'Sher Shivraj'. Apart from this, Digpal has given a fair description of the social and political environment of that time, the benefits of the correct decisions, the power to repel the attacks of the enemies, the invasion of Afzal Khan, the killing of Afzal khan was the mine laid by the king for the Bijapur Empire and thereby unsettling Adil Shah. A glimpse of this can be seen on the recently released poster and Teaser of 'Sher Shivraj'. The saffron flag of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ proudly fluttering on Pratapgad, the blood soaked hand of the Maharaj, the tiger nails which pulled out the bowels of Afzal Khan and the dazzling sun, which is a silent witness of all the happenings from that time till today.

'Sher Shivraj' is produced by Nittin Keni of Mumbai Movie Studios, Pradyot Pendharkar and Anil Narayanrao Varkhade of Raajwarasa Productions along with Digpal Lanjekar, Chinmay Mandlekar of Mulakshar Production.

Speaking on the occasion, Nittin Keni, Producer, Mumbai Movie Studios, says, "Marathi audiences have been away from cinemas for the last two years. Today's generation is digital. For the study of history, reference books and bakhar are needed but there is no other effective medium like cinema, so a film like 'Sher Shivraj' is much needed for today’s generation.

'Sher Shivraj', the golden chapter of Shivcharitra will be seen in cinemas on 22nd April.