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Pravah Picture Marathi films New Channel launched.

BKV :- Beginning of Silver Screen,s Golden moments . Disney Stars New Marathi Films channel 'Pravah Picture launched for the audience of Marathi film. Every Sunday the audience will get to see the new Marathi Films World Premiere.In our every day life there is always shortage of time to be with our family as we are always busy with our jobs and duties. So watching cinema together has the power to make family bonds more stronger to enjoy the funny moments of the picture together to enjoy such family entertainment with all is the need of today s times. To make this happen to bring all the family members at one place Pravah Picture has started this new channel. Disney Stars New cinema channel, Pravah Picture was announced at the recently held press conference in Mumbai.

At this event Marathi films veterans and dignitaries of Marathi film industry along the new generation actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers were present. Especially on every Sunday Pravah Picture channel will have World Television Premiere of the Marathi films.This is happening first time in the Marathi films channels therefore we can believe that the beginning of silver screen,s Golden moments has started.

Through Pravah Picture this new Marathi film channel Pravah Brands are getting good publicity. Also we are getting an opportunity to serve the Marathi audience with new films direct to their homes.The Marathi audiences always wanted an high value and standard entertainment which they will get to see and feel proud of it.This statement was given by Network entertainment channels and Disney Stars head Mr Kevin Vaz.

On Pravah Picture world television premiere, the hit historical film Pawan khind will be the first film premiere on 19th June 2022 followed by Zimma ,kadhi Aabat Kadhi Goud, Pravas, Bali, Dhyanimani and many more.Also every day on Pravah Picture there will be action, romance and comedy films will be shown. So be ready to enjoy all this .Chala Picture la jaawo yaa. By Ramesh Rao.