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Rajat Bedi in the accident case, where he’s the prime accused.

Bollywood Ke Virus :- The trouble seems to have escalated for actor Rajat Bedi in the accident case, where he’s the prime accused. The victim in the case died on Tuesday late night and that has led to the cops filing a new charge in the FIR under section 304-A of the IPC. The section deals with an accused causing death to negligence.

Rajat Bedi's manager revealed that the actor and his friends have been helping out the victim's family in all their capacity. She said, "In an unfortunate incident, though it was not Rajat fault as he was driving really slow. Mr Rajesh suddenly came in front of Rajat’s car. He was fully drunk, near Andheri West Metro station. Rajat himself immediately took him to Cooper Hospital after the accident and extended all possible help and support to him, arranged for blood in the night at 3.30 am and supported his family. Sadly he passed away. Rajat had been praying for his recovery and Mr Rajesh's sudden demise has left him shattered. We wish to express our sincere heartfelt condolences to the victim family and will help them in whatever way possible. Rajat's friend Suresh has been with family throughout and helped them with all medicines, treatment, financial help required and did his last rituals, too. Rajat is cooperating with the authorities and also consulting his team as to how to proceed ahead. He shall communicate soon. May God be with the family and bless them to tide over this crisis."

Rajat's manager had also earlier stated that the actor wasn’t driving rashly and even after the accident, he had personally rushed the victim to Cooper Hospital. The accident had taken place in Andheri and the case is being investigated by the DN Nagar Police station. Sources have also revealed that Rajat will not be arrested but the cops will first investigate the case.