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Ranveer Singh Led Aparichit’s Hindi Remake In Trouble?

BKV :- Celebrated filmmaker S Shankar announced the remake of the 2005 Tamil psychological action-thriller, Anniyan (Aparichit in Hindi). The film will star Ranveer Singh in the lead. As fans were excited about the film, the director and the producer V Ravichandran are at loggerheads over film rights.

For the unversed, the 2005 Tamil language film starred Vikram in the lead role and actress Sadha played his love interest. The film centres on a disillusioned everyman whose frustration at what he sees as increasing social apathy and public negligence lead to a split personality that attempts to improve the system.

Now the producer V Ravichandran gets candid during a conversation with Pinkvilla and raised objections to the remake of Anniyan or Aparichit stating that he is the ‘whole and sole owner of the rights of the storyline’. He said that filmmaker Shankar should not proceed with the Hindi Film starring Ranveer Singh and that he will take a legal route against him.

The producer also said that he is receiving support from many of his other colleagues too. He said, “The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce’s President called me last month, and all the producers are supporting me too, as this is the first time this is happening in the Tamil Industry. Normally, when anyone remakes a subject one producer meets the other, and then we finally call the director. However, for the first time, without informing the producer the director went and met another Hindi producer and even fixed the actor (Ranveer Singh). I was really shocked and sent a lawyer’s notice to everyone.”

V Ravichandran also mentions that the Chamber has asked him not to worry, as they will soon conduct a meeting with the Producers Association in Mumbai to resolve the matter. He said, “Last month also they went and discussed, that’s why I kept quiet. So I am waiting for what the Chamber is going to say. Gada (Hindi remake producer Jayantilal Gada) is a very close friend of mine, and he is a thorough gentleman. I have done so much business with him, I don’t know how this is happening.”

Moreover, the producer plans to move the Court to resolve the matter of Ranveer Singh led Aparichit Hindi remake. Not just that, he is also upset with the filmmaker S Shankar who was close to him. Ravichandran said, “I am the only person who produced two movies with him, whether I am getting profit or not, that is business but he is a friend. I don’t know why he is doing this.”

V Ravichandran then said, “I don’t want to sell the movie, I want to produce it. I have been waiting for the last 10 years. When Gada announced (the Hindi remake), I was very shocked. He is a gentleman, I don’t know who is confusing him. He is so good, usually he would discuss even the smallest of matters when he is buying a movie from me. He is so good I know.”