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Shruraj Productions presents Music Video "Bajta Rahey"Producer and writer Dr Shrunal Rajat Jadhav.

Director -Omkar Mane, Music by Anmol D Ghate, Singers-Rohit raut and Priyanka Barve, Cinematography by Pravin Palpanka.

R.Rao :- The Producers of Music video single Bajta Rahey has put a teaser with a tag line 'Mobile is a solution not an addiction ' and it is very much correct.

The music video single Bajta Rahey starring the dashing handsome macho actor Ankit Mohan and beautiful versatile Dr Shrunal Rajat Jadhav along with others is peppy foot tapping dance video with a message that in today's fast paced life mobile phones are an important part of our living through Messages, what's up,Facebook, Instagram etc communication with our relatives and friends that we always feel ke Bajta Rahey.

This music video single also shows a very well toned Ankit Mohan 's Physique and his acting.Dr Shrunal ji also played her role very well as a modern young girl most of the time chatting on the phone.she is beautiful and versatile. The song also gives the message that relationships grow for everyone when we are in touch with each other. Music by Anmol D Ghate is also very fast paced which keeps the viewer engrossed in the dance boats as well as the youth.Singers Rohit raut and priyanka barve have sung the song with full energy as required for a dance song Cinematography is excellent by Pravin Palpankar covering beautiful beaches of Goa.Direction by Omkar Mane very good.

A very good modern song presentation by Dr Shrunal Rajat Jadhav and it should be hit with the young crowd as the songs are played repeatedly on channels.