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Singer Neha Bhasin is all set for Big Boss OTT

BKV :- Kuch khaas to Jag ghoomeya, Dhunki to Heeriye, Neha Bhasin’s authenticity and individuality as a singer has been her forte through the years. Now, the singer is all set to appear as a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT. The streaming format of the popular Colors TV show — a first for Bigg Boss in its 14-season run — will be showcased on Voot for six weeks starting from August 8, with Karan Johar as host. A chat with Neha.

I know you have been approached for Bigg Boss through the years. What made you say ‘yes’ to the OTT version of the show?

Yes, I was approached earlier. I didn’t want to do it earlier. But I was called for a meeting and something about what went down at the meeting made me think about the offer seriously. For me, it’s always about being in immediately, or being completely out. It’s only when I plunge into something do I start regretting it later! (Laughs) I am a little worried, of course, about entering Bigg Boss because I am going in as a known face, and not as a nobody. I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to make sure I come out of this in a positive manner. I hope it doesn’t backfire on me (laughs). See, I just want to connect with a larger audience. Aur Bigg Boss ke bahut fans hain. It’s a show which is in its 14th season and that, in itself, says that there is something that’s working for the show. Also, this has been a time when we, as singers, aren’t getting to do any live shows because of the pandemic. Public appearances have definitely taken a hit. So I have some time in hand to do something different, and what larger way to connect with the audience than this? Plus, maybe it will help me to know myself better. People know the image of me that has been created by the media, there is a certain impression that my bold pictures give to the audience, but there is a lot more to me as a person. And I want the audience to see that.

You always come across as someone very authentic. How do you think that will help and hinder you on the show? I treat people as they treat me. I am unfiltered as a person and that has very often worked against me... but I am not someone who will ever start the fire. I like to mind my own business. By nature, I am self-involved and self-indulgent... some people may even call me self-obsessed (laughs). But I am reactive by nature. No-nonsense waala attitude mera thoda hain. But I also have a sense of humour that few people know about. I am also childlike... not childish. My husband (music composer Sameer Uddin) says there is an inherent innocence to me that many don’t know. I am very honest. And I guess the manipulative contestants on the show will use that against me. But if I am authentic, I am sure the audience will see that. The fact that I am unfiltered and honest... some people may like me, some may not. That also depends on how the makers show me (smiles). I hope I don’t come across as negative.

Friends and family apart, what will you miss in the house?

I am actually looking forward to not taking my phone in. I have always wanted to do some sort of Vipassana. Waise Bigg Boss toh Vipassana nahin hain, in fact, it’s the opposite! (Laughs) This is more of a war zone. I really want to know how I am without my phone... we are so dependent on technology. I am very reflective as a person and I am not afraid to see my flaws. I think I will really miss music. I listen to a lot of music, I sing a lot, I do my classes... they aren’t allowing me to take my tanpura into the house. I am unhappy about that, but then again the whole point of Bigg Boss is that... it’s a social experiment. It’s basically about not having the thing that you are most dependent on.

You are also known for your individualistic sense of style. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a big part of who I am, it’s a creative expression for me. Every time my stylist comes over to discuss my looks for Bigg Boss, I get very excited. Fashion excites me, picking clothes and putting a look together is kind of a project for me. I get excited about my clothes in Bigg Boss and then I am like, ‘Do I have to do jhadu in these clothes?!’ (Laughs) Clothes make me happy and give me confidence. Honestly, when I read about these style dos and dont’s and what essentials one needs to have in one’s cupboard... I feel how can you put down the same essentials for everyone? Are we the same make? Are we the same personality? Do we look the same? I slap this concept that says have one white shirt and one black dress! (Laughs) I am a non-conformist as far as fashion is concerned. Even when I was 16, I was very attracted to yellow shoes and neon tops and animal prints. I have been trolled in the past and now people say, ‘Oh, we love your fashion!’ People like me may be are seen as an exhibitionist in this country, but I don’t think I am. I have a full body and I love wearing sexy clothes. Boxy cuts look terrible on me. The lesser I wear, the better I look. I can’t help it.