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BKV:- Bhadra Maruti temple is Situated in Khultabad (Ratnapur) tahsil. Dist. Aurangabad (Sambhaji nagar) in Maharashtra. Bhadra Mandir temple is an Ancient tempme of LORD HANUMAN where the Holy Statue of Hanuman is in the Sleeping Position as He is Take rest after the Ravan War Conquered by Lord Raam. Lord Hanuman is the Symbol of Bramhacharya. Dedication and Victory over Evil.

However Bhadra Maruti Temple is in Marathwada. As well close to Khandesh and Nashik the North Region Of Maharashtra of Indian Country.

There were various Film Maker were tried to make film on Lord Bhadra Maruti but no was Succeed before 15 years. Lord Bhadra Maruti wish to complete this film from his original devotee so by Fluk . Accidentally or the by Order or grace of Bhadra Maruti His Real Devottee Actor / Producer Sidharth Jaaju accept the Challenge and complete this film in 5 Saturday's of holy Shravan Month of 2007. This film is based on Succees story of Bhadra Maruti devotees who believe in Bhadra Maruti as well this is Said that if some one He/She complete the 5 Regular Constant Devotional Prayer 5 Saturday's Continuing his/Her wishes comes true and they never suffer any sorrows in their life in future cause Bhadra Maruti always blessing them for grand Succees. In same way Sidharth Jaaju put the Resolution during Muhurat of Film at Bhadra Maruti Temple on 1st Shravani Saturday that this Film Shooting complete alongwith Editing in following 5 Saturday where Audio cassettes of Films under Shital Music was Launched by Ex Mayor Gajanan Barwal in 2007. It was Great experience that Film alongwith Shooting. Dubbing. Mixing completed and next friday before 6th Saturday was released successfully with Housefull board in Theatre's of All Marathwada on 7th Sept 2007 before 14 year's.

Actor / Producer Sidharth Jaaju

During making of this Film Sidharth already signed Artiste Milind Gunaji and Other big star's asked them to come for shooting but due to dates problem no body couldn't come so Producer Sidharth went thru very different innovative idea that cast to real Devotees and Follower of Bhadra maruti like MP Chandrakant Khaire. Cabinet Minister Sandipan Bhumre. MLA Annasaheb Mane. Ex Mayor Gajanan Barwal. Social leader JK Jadhav and Other's and ot was Good Experience that all these real Devotees of Bhadra Maruti Agreed to work and become Attractive Part of this film Happily.

It was great experience to make this film for Actor Producer Sidharth Jaaju. Writter / Director Shakti shankar. Art Director Nirranjan. Music Director Sumit Borgaonkar. Lyrics by Sidharth Jaaju and Arun Muley. Make up by Suvarna. Production by Kiran Aswale. Cameraman / Edit Mukul Kuljarni. Re Edited in Mumbai by Amit Anand. Film was shooting in Aurangabad. Ellora village. Ghrushneshwar temple. Bhadra Maruti temple Khultabad. Cidco. Satara and Devlai Green Hill area. Very beautiful and natural Locations was there.

Director - Shaktishankar (Subodh) Jaju

This film Written /Directed by Shaktishankar (Subodh) Jaju and Actors as follows

Sidharth Jaaju. Anjalee. Sangita. Nirranjan. Yogesh Sirsat. Ashok Gawli. Atul chobe. Kishor desle. Ganesh Hajari. Pramod Patil. Advocate K D Pande. Advocate Mukteshwar Khole. Ravi Toge. Kiran Aswale. Umesh Kumavat. Dilip Wabhale. Vallabh Kelkar. Mrs. Priti Vallabh Kelkar. Kashinath Bargal. Anil Polkar. Mahajan Bhauji and Family of Ellora village. Sannase. Ellora. Suvarna .

Thos film is 1st Marathi film of Jaju brother's Production after that in following 5 years Sidharth produced 5 Bog Marathi film's 1. Hich Porgi Pahije. Gammat Eka Ratrichi. Baba Sailani and Shivaji the Real Hero. After that 3 Hindi Films and 25 Short films done Alongwith 70 ad films.

Actor /Producer Sidharth Jaaju has Special Emotions and Dedication for Bhadra Maruti Temple as well Film too. So he planned to release this film by Shravan Month of 2021 and try to get Source of film but it was getting difficult to get it as he asked even to video Dvd and it's co. Owner but challenge was not over. Again he went to Bhadra Maruti Mandir and Pray to God Bhadra Maruti to get the Source of full Film which was seems to impossible at one time but he found it from his Old house Godawn in Raw condition with help of Mother Shobha Jaju . Later with few technical friend's like Rajesh Goklani. Chandana. Dinesh and Ashish Shah for 15 days hard work and Re edited by Amit Anand . Sidharth Jaaju got Succeed to Finalise the Film to Launch on his You Tube Channel SIDH MOVIEZ. However planned to Launch it on OTT platform Jaajuflix and Amazone Prime but due to Holy Shravan month. During Shravan Month there is more than Millions devotees comes to Bhadra Maruti Darshan in Khultabad as it's very Important month for Bhadra Maruti Devotees. So he planned to Launch on You tube Channel SIDH MOVIEZ.now before the Last Saturday of Shravan Month Film is been Going to Launch on 3rd Sept. 2021 .Poster is designed by Yathaarth who was only 3 months Young during this film Shooting before 14 years.