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R. Rao: In today's Digital world we see lot of developments in all fields of business to Digital currency or digital assets. As of now of the 135 crore population ,65 percent people are using Android mobile phones and so lot of business transactions are there.Toska Crypto Academy is launched in India and Dubai to give proper education and coaching to everyone at a nominal fee of rs 99 for a 45 minute session. In the recent financial Budget the Government has levied 30 percent taxation on Crypto profits.

Nowadays everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrency like they do in the stock market. But fluctuations in the market and inadequate knowledge stop people from investing in cryptocurrency, which is also called crypto. Cryptocurrency may be a good alternative or balancing asset to cash, which may devalue due to inflation over time. Crypto is an asset that people invest in and have found that it yields very high returns. Investing in cryptocurrencies over the long run can be rewarding. But, it is critical that you gain knowledge about the market before you invest in it. Crypto expert and consultant, Mr. Natraj Suryawanshi has shared his expert knowledge about cryptocurrency, during an interview.

Mr. Natraj Suryawanshi, who is the Founder of Toska Technologies and currently serves as its CEO, has also discussed his new academy that can help you achieve success in the crypto sector.

Difference between in crypto assest and digital assets

A digital asset is something like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm. They are assets with which you can connect through your bank and transfer money to each other. It is a fixed digital currency.

In crypto asset, there are a lot of variants that fluctuate and hence it rises and falls. It depends on supply an