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Ustad Amjad Khan Sahab's morning raagas resonate The Royal Opera House!

Ustad Amjad Khan Sahab's Morning Raga resonates The Royal Opera House! Gulzar Sahab regales audiences with his anecdotes of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahab. Morning Raga celebrates heritage conservation oj Sarod Ghar.

The morning of Sunday, 1st May became more memorable to Mumbaiites when two maestros met on stage. We are speaking of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Gulzar Sahab. Yes, India's legendary Sarod maestro and Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahab's

'Morning Raga' concert at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai on Sunday, May 1 was house-full with citizens thronging for an amazing musical experience. Gulzar Sahab who has also made a one-hour documentary film on Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahab and the Sarod Ghar added to the divine ambience with his words. One of the most prominent cultural heritage landmarks in Gwalior - Sarod Ghar, a museum of musical heritage, considered to be the oldest institution documenting the evolution of East Indian classical music and instruments. Heritage is in itself a manifestation of culture and inheritance evolving with time. It is a source of identity and a receptor of value attributed to it by communities, institutions and people, mediating the resources of the past to the present.

Avid Learning in association with Sarod Ghar-Museum of Musical Heritage, Furtados and Royal Opera House, presented the concert that celebrates the journey of a unique cultural institution that was once the the family’s ancestral home and today, aims to celebrate our musical legacy and culture for the younger generation who are the future stakeholders of the arts.

The event was attended by the Bangash family comprising of Subhalakshmi Khan, Neema and Ayaan Ali Bangash, and grandchildren Abeer and Zohaan Ali Bangash besides Roopkumar Rathod and Reewa Rathod, Shweta Basu Prasad, Romesh Sharma among others.