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When Esha Gupta Faced Colourism in Bollywood: 'Tu Apna Makeup Kaala Karti Hai, Gora Kiya Kar'

Bollywood Ke Virus ;- Esha Gupta faces colourism: Actor Esha Gupta recently opened up on facing colourism in the industry during the initial days of her career. The actor revealed in an interview that she was often asked to do makeup to look fairer than her original skin tone. She said that she also had to face the modern stereotype attached to the dark skin tone where people generally believe that she’s the best fit for ‘sexy’ roles because ‘dark is sexy’.Also Read - Gauri Khan Opens Up About Suhana Khan's Strong 'End Colourism' Post, Says 'I am Proud of My Daughter'

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Esha said that there was a time when the makeup artistes would try to cover her face and body with tons of products to make her look fairer. She said even the actors she has never worked with would tell her that her makeup is ‘kaala’ and she should do something about it. “I remember, initially, when I came, there were some actors who I’ve not even worked with… But they met me and said, ‘Tu apna makeup thoda kaala karti hai, gora kiya kar (Your makeup is very dark, you should make it fairer)’, and I was like, ‘Dude, what?’,” she said. Also Read - Suhana Khan FINALLY Gives Back To The Trolls Who Called Her 'Ugly' For Her Skin Tone, Vouches To End Colourism

Esha talked about being the ‘sexy one’. She added, “There were also makeup artists who’d try to make me fair always, and then they had to paint my whole body because my body doesn’t match my face. So suddenly I’m looking like a clown. I’ve done two multi-starrers, and they told me, ‘You’re the sexy one’, because black, the skin tone that I have, which is considered black in our country, that can only be sexy or negative, and fair skin has to be the girl next door and sharif.